on repetition


The content of this library is the product of exploration and research, conducted by Dimitra Viveli and Enrico Benco. As independent researchers, Dimitra and Enrico have been investigating new paradigms of human and social development and interaction.

October 2023, Uniqueness as an organisation mechanism (HR PROFESSIONAL magazine) [original text // text in italian, swedish, english, and french]

12 April 2022, Transcending fragmentation: uniqueness and complementarity as cornerstones of the sustainable system

23 March 2021, Complementarity as economy: on embodied resource management

5 March 2021, Negotiating trust: the unseen mechanisms that make trust (im)possible

12 February 2021, The shrinking corollary of habit. Creativity as expansion in everyday life with particular reference to the pandemic crisis.

3 February 2021, Uniqueness as a mechanism for maintaining epistemic health

April 2017, Exchange vs. Repetition: a call for balance through economy and art



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