on repetition


Art of deployed consciousness is a term employed to denote an active, open participation in the interaction between art and philosophy – philosophy and art, as a field of exploration and reorganisation of a system, through the negotiation of its structural meanings. In this process, art and philosophy search, trace, and re-position themselves throughout the continuum of human activity, in a quest for the incessant, seamless breath, the wave that moves and unifies the two in an organic sequence of successive shared choices. In this inner zymosis, philosophy and art are not mere tools, but active partners in an open dialogue, which seeks the code that underlies the manifestation of all things and unlocks the unified character of consciousness. At the same time, both in their multi-level structuring and their capacity as symbolic systems with deep shaping potential, the two maintain and offer access to the dynamics, which define and formulate the experience we usually refer to as "reality". Equally as a procedure and as an outcome, their relationship is organically embedded in the dynamic context of an inner dialectic.

This dialectic unrolls between two types of human perception: the mental act of dividing a whole into its constituent elements so that each one can be investigated and observed closely and in depth (analytic), and the awareness of the world in wholes, whose properties are so intrinsically and inextricably entwined, that they cannot be extracted and examined as elemental parts (gestalt). Therefore, in every true artwork there is a philosophical backbone and in every true philosophical statement there is an artistic tissue. A joint venture of any sort involves the whole of existence, from the soul to the very cell, in a synchronised dance of multilevel responsibility. The quality of this dialogue is reflected in the system's degree of experiencing the consilience, which supports and runs highly organised meaning. Art and philosophy or philosophy and art, functioning in isolation, are simply infertile.


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