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oito is an artistic duo formed by practising artists Dimitra Viveli and Enrico Benco. The duo exemplifies a system of absolute complementarity and interdependence, in which every choice is a unique response to the triggers and particularities of a given moment and reflects a point of balance between the thoughts and the emotions that underlie it.

In what they call "the oito way", Benco and Viveli pursue and propose a way of living that refuses to compromise the integrity and prosperity of one part of the system to the fictitious and temporary benefit of the other, acknowledging that, in reality, there can be no genuine and long-term benefit that is not mutual and shared. Capitalising on its members' academic and professional background in digital art and design, the duo challenges the boundaries and constraints of physicality and identity and explores life as meaning, mirrored onto everything we are accustomed to perceiving as "experience".

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